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Reintegrating into a Covid-19 World

The last few months have been stressful for everyone, particularly those whom health officials have described as high risk. Those with compromised immune systems, pulmonary issues, and especially the elderly have been strongly advised to limit their exposure to the people, places, things, and services they need and enjoy.

Even in “normal” times, the elderly are at high risk of becoming socially isolated. Seniors are encouraged to remain engaged members of their communities, maintain relationships with friends and family members, and get out and about as much as possible. These things help with mental stability and overall wellness. But in the Covid 19 era, as we carefully move forward, how do we achieve the balance of caring for seniors and keeping our seniors safe while giving them opportunities to reintegrate into society?

This is where La Nurse comes in. By carefully evaluating the needs of our clients with a caregiver screening and referring to them a caregiver who can best meet those needs, we can ease some of the fear and burden associated with these uncertain times.

Perhaps you or a loved one would like the chance to go to the grocery store for the first time in months, but you are unsure of touching the carts, handling the groceries, or interacting with the check out personnel. Maybe you would love to get your hair done but would be more comfortable being driven in a private car than taking communal community transportation. Or instead of walking the sidewalks of your own community day in and day out, you’d love a change of scenery in a local park, but you are hesitant about walking on your own without falling or getting lost.

Caregivers we refer can help fulfill roles like these and many, many more. Our staff is well educated about the needs of seniors and the restrictions and recommendations currently in place to keep them safe. Call us today to learn more about our home care registry services. Have a conversation with us. Tell us what your needs and the needs of your loved ones are and let us help you get back out there with peace of mind.