Marty G.

“La Nurse referred a caregiver first to interview.  Very nice, smart, and 100% capable but the personality mesh between her and my mother was not there.  Absolutely no fault of the caregiver who came over or anything to do with her ability.  Also, my 91 year old mother (classic depression baby from the 20’s!!) ain’t so easy to please.

The next caregiver La Nurse sent over was magical.  For whatever reason, there seemed to be an instantaneous click between her and my mother.

Now, I know that isn’t going to happen all the time but what I want to communicate to you is the personal and caring service the management/owners of La Nurse exhibited to get everything “just right”.  They truly seemed not interested in just dumping a caregiver over and say take it or leave it.

La Nurse gets 5 stars.

Also, their office staff have all been more than nice and helpful and also have complete understanding (and patient explanations) of how Medicare, our LTC policy, etc works.

I am so pleased, I normally would not send a review, but when I see an organization like La Nurse and what they can offer, I can’t keep quiet.” 

Harry S.

“From large to small details, each handled with great care. All caregivers are equipped with the best credentials. I fully plan to use La Nurse again.”

Debbie L.

“La Nurse is the best. They refer compassionate and caring caregivers and are always professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs care for themselves or their loved ones.”


“It's been one year since my mother passed away, so I have had time to grieve and heal and reflect.  I had Google researched “Home Care Services” for my late mother who was transitioning from “independent to an assisted living” in a “Senior Wellness Lifestyle Community.” I had the unpleasant experience of cold calling “Home Care” websites I found online.  The vast majority were disinterested, cold and corporate entities.  From the moment I spoke with Aric Spitulnik of La Nurse, I knew his family owned business was special.  Aric is a handsome, charming, energetic and heart centered compassionate man, who spoke with me for 2 hours!  He also gave me his personal cell number (which I called often in emergency times of need!). Aric not only educated me about the "Home Health Care" Industry, but he also hand held me through the dizzying array of forms and handled ALL professional referrals.  Aric put together a solid team for my mother, exactly the kind of compassionate, honest, fast learning and hard working caregiver she needed.  He also referred cutting edge healthcare professionals.  Aric also made special visits to my mother at the hospital and at her home.  Aric and La Nurse were indispensable in getting me through the overwhelm and fatigue of being a daughter/caregiver.  I could not have done this without Aric and La Nurse!”

Jack and Natalie L

“La Nurse was extremely cooperative and provided excellent customer service for my wife.  They referred an excellent caregiver to us and everytime we called with a question, they immediately provided the answer or were prompt in calling us back.  It was tough to admit my wife needed care, but I was glad we worked with La Nurse to provide her with the help that she needed.” 

Josephine N.

“I am 100 years old and I have been a client of La Nurse's for almost 10 years.  I cherish La Nurse because of the excellent caregivers they refer to me.   My caregiver is professional, attentive to my needs and like family.”  

Leo P.

“I think your company is fantastic! The difference between La Nurse and my last Homecare company is like night and day! From Day 1, it has been a different relationship between us, one based on respect and honesty. The caregivers referred are fantastic and we could not be happier that they and you are with us. 5 Stars.”