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Aric R. Spitulnik is the President and Administrator of La Nurse Home Care Registry (“La Nurse”). His daily responsibilities include: client relations, quality outcomes, customer service and business development. Aric’s primary focus is making sure that the clients are happy and well cared for, the families have peace of mind and the caregiver’s are happy and reaching their full potential.

Aric is an experienced healthcare executive and licensed nursing home administrator with over 25 years in healthcare, and is considered an expert in the geriatric field. Aric has spoken across the country on the benefits of aging in place and the importance of striking the correct balance between quality of care and quality of life.

Prior to becoming the President of La Nurse, Aric was the President of Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, a $100 million, 1,000 employee comprehensive healthcare continuum. The healthcare continuum included: private duty homecare, Medicare home healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, physician practices, adult day cares, pharmacies, managed care and transportation companies. Additionally, Aric was a Senior Vice President of LifeBridge Health, a $1 billion dollar, 7,000 employee hospital healthcare continuum where his responsibilities included developing and implementing system wide strategies which included the improvement of safe and seamless hospital discharges into post acute settings while decreasing the likelihood of avoidable re-hospitalizations.

While President, Aric was a part of the senior management team that achieved the following awards: Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, U.S. News and World Report of Best Nursing Homes, Statewide Best Place to Work 3 Years in a Row and a Topps Employer of the Year award.

Currently, Aric is on the Board of Directors for the Private Care Association, and is an active member with several local Chambers of Commerce. Previously, Aric served on multiple Boards of Directors, some of which included: Jewish Hospice Advisory Counsel, Homecare of Maryland, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, Jewish Leadership and Politics and LifeSpan Network, a Healthcare trade association which had over 250 members and represented over 20,000 seniors. Aric is also a licensed nursing home administrator who operated nursing homes for over 15 years. Aric has a Master’s Degree and an Undergraduate Business Degree in Marketing and Management.

Lisa S. Spitulnik, is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at La Nurse. Her daily responsibilities include: compliance, operational oversight, long term care insurance liaison and information technology. Lisa’s primary focus is making the administrative offices of La Nurse run smoothly and ensuring a client’s and caregiver’s experience with La Nurse’s office staff is exceptional. Lisa is always available to answer any questions, especially when it comes to long term care insurance and its intricacies.

Lisa is an experienced business and real estate attorney with over 18 years in the legal field. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence is second to none. She brings a laser focus to the improvement of daily operations which makes the client experiences easier when working with their long term care insurance payors and paperwork.

Lisa’s strong ethical and legal background bring an extra level of comfort and peace of mind to the clients and their families, reassuring them that they have selected a homecare company that focuses on quality, integrity and trust.

Prior to becoming the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of La Nurse Home Care Registry, Lisa was Counsel at Gordon Feinblatt LLC, a large regional law firm in Baltimore, Maryland, and Chair of many non-profit boards, including The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore and Howard County Board of Public Works.

Aric and Lisa have been married for over 14 years and have 2 handsome boys and 2 Weimaraner dogs.

With their exceptional professional backgrounds, Aric and Lisa make a great executive team at La Nurse. With Aric’s in depth knowledge of geriatric care and marketing, and Lisa’s regulatory, administrative and legal skills, La Nurse is the premier nurse registry in South Florida.

Aric and Lisa are active owners of La Nurse, and are always available to speak with or meet with a client. La Nurse is a top notch, professionally run nurse registry which has the feel of a family run business. In fact, Aric and Lisa’s nephew, Josh, is the Alternate Administrator and Billing Coordinator at La Nurse. Aric and Lisa put their heart and soul into La Nurse. The LA in La Nurse is L for Lisa and A for Aric.

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