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Double Take

When times are good, and we are economically stable and healthy, it is easy to cruise along with the status quo.  We give little thought to things like financial planning and insurance policies and whether or not they are working optimally for our benefit.  We don’t bother addressing less than ideal healthy living or caregiver situations.  Conditions are mostly good, so we let things ride.


In times like these, however, we are forced to examine the people and infrastructure in our lives to be sure that we are in the healthiest environment possible.  Economically, we do a double take to be sure the policies and plans into which we have been paying, possibly for years, are working their best for us.


La Nurse can help with this introspective process.  Aric Spitulnik, President and Administrator of La Nurse Home Care Registry, is a healthcare executive with over 28 years of experience.  He is an expert in geriatric services, and his experience and skill set can help families achieve an ideal balance between quality of care and quality of life.  He is a strong advocate of aging safely in place.


Lisa Spitulnik, the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of La Nurse, is a licensed attorney.  Lisa’s knowledge and administrative excellence result in our patients and clients having a seamless experience while juggling the seemingly formidable combination of long-term care insurance policies, private pay responsibilities, caregiver needs, and patient comfort.


Let Aric and Lisa’s skills and experience work for you.  Reach out to us to have a conversation about your situation and your needs.  Perhaps you have a long-term care insurance policy but don’t know exactly what it covers or how to utilize it as your needs evolve.  Maybe you are looking to make a change to your current caregiver situation but don’t know how to go about it.  We can help you navigate these waters, particularly during these uncertain times.


A conversation with us costs you nothing and comes with absolutely no strings attached.  Aric and Lisa and their team are committed to helping each patient and family safely age in place with the caregiving team and financial situation that works best for them.  This is what we do.


Call us today at 561-279-9885.  Have a conversation with Aric and Lisa about your needs and let us work with you to examine your existing situation to be sure it is working to achieve those things that are most important to you.