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Covid 19:  The Long Game

As we stretch into our fourth and fifth months in the battle against Covid 19, with no end in sight, it’s time to rethink our definition of normal.  For families who were considering waiting to make changes to their caregiver situation until after the crisis was “over,” now is the time to realize that adaptations of our routines and caregiver models should not be put off, as the crisis might not be “over” for quite some time.


At La Nurse, we value keeping people in their homes while receiving the type and scope of care they require to keep them safe and happy.  While acute and long-term care settings certainly have their places, there is a strong argument to be made that now, more than ever, staying in one’s own home is the safest and healthiest open.


How can La Nurse help you do that?  If you or a loved one are feeling strained to perform self-care, take care of activities around your home like light cleaning, light cooking, and errand running, or if you’re simply feeling the fatigue of having been isolated for these past months, let us help.  Have a conversation with us.  Let us refer a caregiver to lighten the load.


Perhaps there are doctor’s appointments that you’ve rescheduled or been putting off.  Maybe you have a need for some things that online shopping just can’t fulfill but you don’t know how to go about getting to the store yourself.  Don’t assume that you or a loved one can’t stay in your environment because of these challenges.  A caregiver we refer can help with these types of things and so many more.


Call us today.  Let us help keep you safe, happy, and healthy in your own home.